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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the History of Pro Wrestling History

Pro wrestling is an incredible entertaining sport that contains the best athletes and the most exciting events. Ever since it was first introduced to our society, it has become a mass success.

But as you may recall, pro wrestling has its roots in martial arts and other sports of that kind.While it is now part of our favorite sources of entertainment, it can actually be compared with other arts and has a great story behind its creation.

Professional Wrestling In The 50s

While pro wrestling had already been created in the early 1900s, it experienced a boom in the1950s. This is what comes to anyone’s mind when they think about this form of performing art, and why it was such a great activity back then.

Wrestling Legends

Athletes around the world became a great sensation and almost national heroes. Gorgeous George is one unforgettable example. He was one of the favorite idols to all the Americans that loved pro wrestling. Thanks to his charisma, he became one of the most legendary pro wrestlers of our time.

Mexico And Japan Followed The Trend

But pro wrestling wasn’t only a USA event as wrestling fever spread worldwideand enjoyed a lot of attention. Other notable icons of pro wrestling from all over the world started making name, such as the Santo from Mexico, who is now being remembered as a folk hero in Mexico.

Another great example is Rikidozanfrom Japan. He became an icon to the other pro wrestlers thanks to his determination on how to make traditions in modern wrestling. Today, we can see how Japan still value the great traditions of this art.

No matter the time, we know that wrestling is an incredible sport that is timeless for any of the hardcore fans and is going to be in our culture for a long time.

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