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4 Unforgettable Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves You Should Learn

Being a pro wrestler means both physical capacities and quick thinking. For the last mentioned ability it could be useful to have a set of techniques already known and practiced and prove you can use them in a battle at a crucial moment. When you make the right move it could guarantee a win.

For those finishing moments ‘Pro’ wrestlers have developed a set of moves better known as ‘Finishers’ that may let you make the most of the opportunity and will be able to win.

Here, we share some of the best finishers to use for putting your opponent in his/her place.

The Lariat

The first movement recommended is known as “The Lariat”, which requires a huge athletic ability.

On this movement, the wrestler has to accelerate as soon as possible to the full velocity in order to send the opponent out of the ring making his foe spin.


The second and next movement is one that all wrestlers have used at least once, because of its potential and power.

Better known as “Superplex”, this movement requires you to distract your opponent’s attention and then literally kick his ass, leaving him asking himself what just happened. It was created by the wrestler Barry Windham, who is already retired from wrestling but left very useful pro techniques for other wrestlers.

Scorpions Deathlock

The third technique is nothing other than the “Scorpion’s Deathlock”, created by the professional wrestler Sting. Sting mastered the ring with his aggressive character and cruel attacks and this movement is just an example of it. It requires a great deal of brute strength when rounding your opponent’s neck until he/she is finally knocked out.

The Human Torture Rack

The last and also one of the most memorable finishing movements that could never ever be forgotten by WWC viewers is ‘The Human Torture Rack’, which was created by Lex Luger. The Human Torture Rack was Lex’s signature move, and made him famous.

This is such a difficult movement that needs strength, and not having enough of it may cause injuries to the performer. Lex proved the capacity of his body by making use of this, with nothing more than a ‘big show’ that is why people will never forget the efficacy of The Human Torture Rack, shown by him in the WWC.

However, a “coup de grâce”, is not something anybody could do, that’s why pros recommend having prior practice of this kind of movements.Wanting to impress others and trying out any of these moves on your opponents could turn into a very dangerous risk of getting hurt.

These moves are only suitable for professional wrestlers, and should not be tried at home. If you want to give it a shot, make sure you go for the necessary training at your nearest wrestling school.

Getting injured because of not performing a move correctly can be harmful to you and your opponent. Make sure you’ve got it all figured out, practice frequently, and then give it a go. Good luck!

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